Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The last, last day!

Myself, Ronan, John and Petsie headed to the river Mourne for the very last day of salmon fishing for 2012. We started at the grevenue. I was using my Echo 3 as I've since sold my 12ft6 Lpxe. Ronan had his 14ft Lpxe with Rio AFS shooting head 9/10. Petsie was using his 13'4 Sage Z-Axis with a Rio AFS inty/sink1 shooting head, and John used his Echo double hander, I think its a TR 14ft, he was using an Airflo Rage on his outfit. Great days casting with no fish though, also met some characters and locals with a good bit of banter thrown in. An enjoyable end to the season, its seldom I get to fish the bigger rivers but its always something I look forward to. And so, till 2013.


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