Wednesday, 3 October 2012

A Trek

On my day off yesterday (2/10) I planned on doing my usual stretch from Castlering to Knockbridge. I took the notion to keep walking upriver and eventually ended up at Mullhollands stretch below Inniskeen. Apart from the gaping hole in my waders and the floods of water I was carrying in my left leg, it was an enjoyable day. I landed a coloured fish and lost another one, both about the same size, around 5 lbs.

Upriver of the Carrick road bridge at Castlering.

Found this along the river, one way to get your bait out of the trees.

The head of Cambells pool.

Campbells pool in the Autumn sun.

Into a fish at Castlering, on my way back down! Camera battery died after this, I did get out later to take a snap of a bit of river development.

Gravel and weirs added to a stream to enhance spawning activity for the coming years. This is what its all about.

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