Thursday, 14 April 2016

Journey to the South Island

Ok so last time I checked in here I was crashing in Wellington with some of Ann's relatives. On the way to Wellington from Masterton/Martinborough we drove through the Rimutaka Crossing which is a beautifully winding road that edges high up over the Rimutaka range with some pretty steep views of the thick bush and forest below. The monument below is dedicated to the workforce that constructed that road in harsh and perilous terrain.

The famous Te Papa Museum in Wellington, it is renowned as one of the most interactive Museums in the world. 

Wellington City, New Zealand's Capital

Windy Welly, as it is known by the locals. Its geographical surroundings and global position create frequent high winds.

Some planes attempting to land in the high winds.

Bumpy landing!

Sculpture facing the South Island on Mount Victoria. Wellington is the gateway to the South from the North Island.

The flag debate has been resolved and the Kiwis have voted to keep the Union Jack.

The Beehive parliament building

 The Ferry leaving for Picton Harbour, South Island.

Knights of the sky, an unbelievable exhibition of WW1 war planes displayed in theatrical scenarios. The center is heavily sponsored and pushed by New Zealand's own Peter Jackson.

A re-enactment of the Red Baron's crash site which was plundered by Australian troops.


A Soviet Yak being flown by a stunt pilot outside the center

Douglas DC-3, one of my favourite planes. Great to see one in such good condition and up close.

The Kaikoura Coast

Young seals on the rocky coast line

Dusky Dolphins playing in the bay

A Great Albatross on the open ocean

A sperm whale taking a breather

Sperm whale and an Albatross in flight

On the Road to Hanmer Springs

A bridge over the Waiau River

The Molesworth Station

The River Clarence in St. James' Conservation park

Corralled horses in stunning scenery.

Time out to take in the view

I spotted three trophy fish in this pool. Contemplating what way to approach them!

Success! The upstream breeze made it easier to deliver a dry fly with a gentle cast which a huge jaw engulfed.

Trophy NZ Brown Trout achieved and ticked off the bucket list ;) It was a memorable capture.

The light that evening made for some incredible skies and colour


Selfie on the hike out of the valley, it was a breath taking part of the country. The changing light throughout the day makes these mountain ranges hypnotic

Pigging out on our return :) It was upwards of 50km of walking over the 3 days.

Next stop Christchurch!