Friday, 10 June 2016


Next stop on the Road trip is the Southwest of the South Island. These pictures show the most southerly point of New Zealand, Slope point. Next stop after here is the Antartic!

Slope point

Windswept trees along the shore

A petrified forest site along the Catlins coast. You can make out the long grain lines of the ancient tree

Tokato lighthouse at Nugget point

The Nuggets!

St. Pauls Cathedral in Dunedin.

A statue of Robert Burns and the City council in the background. Robert Burns' nephew, The Rev Thomas Burns was an influential co founder of the city and its church.

The first church of Otago founded by Rev Thomas Burns.

Our tour guide Keith in the tasting bar at the culmination of the Speights brewery tour.

The water tap outside the brewery which is from the brewries own water source. It is a very popular source of water for hunderds of people every day. Not because there isn't clean water in Dunedin! It just tastes great.

Out on a nearby river where I completely blanked and spooked everything that came within a country mile. Beautiful surroundings though but a cool breeze was prevalant, my first taste of the cold in New Zealand till now.

Water clarity is good to pretty good over here ;)

Till next time, "Thats all Folks!!"