Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Calvin Shrimp Tube

Here is one I am planning on using early in the season, a bit bigger and bulkier than how I would normally tie them for the summer. I used dyed orange guinea fowl for the first hackle instead of a hot orange cock hackle.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Three's a crowd.

Here are some more Kinermony Killers that I tied up last night. There are variations from sunburst yellow hackles to just normal yellow and kingfisher blue and a teal blue. I think it will play an important role in my fly box next season!

Also my Simms G4Z waders came from the states. My mind is already at ease for next season. I literally never had a dry day in my previous waders the Patagonia Rio Gallegos. I think I just got a dud set of them but because they were also state size waders I didnt send them back. The manufacture quality of the Simms is superb, thumbs up!

I also tied up some Park shrimps with differing materials, soft hackle and bucktail variants. Still cant beat the original tying though!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Kinermony Killer Mini-Tube

FITS xs blue tubing
Utc white thread
Silver oval tinsel and Silver holo butt
Yellow cock hackle
brown ice dub
Orange and yellow bucktail
Krinkle flash
Hot orange cock hackle
Silver fox wing
Teal blue front hackle (original is kingfisher I think)
Jungle cock cheeks
Size XS silver FITS tungsten conehead.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


I tied up a Wolverine after watching Davie Mc Phail's step by step tying video. Its a lovely concept and uses silver fox as the front hackle. I think I have a bit of an attraction to green and black at the minute.
FITS Medium clear and xs green tubing.
Mirage and Silver Holographic tinsel butt.
Chartreuse and brown Ice dub.
Silver oval flat tinsel
Brown silver fox underwing
Mirage flash
Chartreuse goat wing
Black silver fox wing
Peacock ice dub brushed out at head.
Jungle cock cheeks
Black silver fox front hackle
FITS tungsten Size S conehead.