Sunday, 20 January 2013

Three's a crowd.

Here are some more Kinermony Killers that I tied up last night. There are variations from sunburst yellow hackles to just normal yellow and kingfisher blue and a teal blue. I think it will play an important role in my fly box next season!

Also my Simms G4Z waders came from the states. My mind is already at ease for next season. I literally never had a dry day in my previous waders the Patagonia Rio Gallegos. I think I just got a dud set of them but because they were also state size waders I didnt send them back. The manufacture quality of the Simms is superb, thumbs up!

I also tied up some Park shrimps with differing materials, soft hackle and bucktail variants. Still cant beat the original tying though!


  1. Love the softhackle Parkies Liam! They'll be the job this year for defs.

  2. The park soft hackle tubes look great, have you had any luck with tubes incorporating the soft hackles?
    Your tying is first class.
    Cheers. Alan.

  3. Hello Alan and thanks for the kind words. I have only really started tying in soft hackles in the off season so we'll see how they fare. You cannot beat the original though! First class fly!