Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Gorge

Went on a bit of a journey upriver today, started at Knockbridge this morning and a really chilly one at that. Had to clear the ice from the car so Jack frost is making an appearance. Got one and lost a good fish, have some snaps on my mates camera which I will get up some day. I was fishing deep and slow, weather conditions probably make this tactic more likely. We then went to Cullaville and fished below the bridge. Nothing doing and it didnt really look that big upriver. Water was absolutely crystal clear and really betraying, deeper than you think with the clarity. Great to see this aspect of the Fane return as sight fishing was the norm years back. Went a bit nuts with the photos, really was stunning up there.

 Cullaville Bridge

The Gorge

A fly to finish it off! One of Ronan's, a Mc Cormick Shrimp.

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