Saturday, 13 October 2012

Closing time.

And so the 12th of October has come and gone, so here is my report from the final day. I recorded 21mm of rain for the 11/10 and we did get a good rise. The next morning I checked the level at Knockbridge and it was holding at 3 and was fairly clean given the rise from the previous day.

I had made my mind up to head far upriver for the last day, just for something different. I started at Cullaville and fished down to Gregory's.

 I hit two fish on the trip, both at the "heap of stones" pool. The first one was a fine cock fish in full mating suit. I measured him at 34 inches by 17 inches so around 13-14 lbs. I got him in quickly, few snaps and back no problem. In and around my personal best and a stunning fish to behold.

I hooked the next fella and he went ballistic and lept onto the far bank!

He then went into a massive clump of weed and reed and couldnt be budged. I had to tie up the rod, cross downstream, free him up from the far bank, cross back, then land and release him!

Resume play!

I then worked my way down to Gregory's fishing sporadically and taking some snaps.

Another present my brother took me home from Africa, weapon of choice for the wilds!

Met John downriver, he uses a Loop Zpey, 11ft 17gram switch rod. Beautiful setup, its very light with great presentation. He uses the zpey compact heads and has the whole set I think.

John fishing the Mill pool, or "Barking dog pool".

The old railway bridge above Gregory's

The weir at Gregory's

Final height for 2012 season taken that evening, 12/10.

Ronan and Petsie after giving Knockbridge a final throw.

So thats the season over, I may get to the Mourne next weekend so we'll see what happens. I'll keep updating with info, tyings and some casting videos hopefully. My most enjoyable season and my most dedicated one. Now what the flip do I do now?


  1. How's it going? I've been enjoying reading your blog, its very interesting, especially as you fish some rivers I love fishing but don't get the chance as often as I'd like. I've been thinking of getting a switch rod for new season and I think I've narrowed it down to either Guideline Lpxe #7/8 or Echo 3 11' #7 so I thought you'd be the best fella to ask for a bit of advice, if you don't mind. I'm a capable enough caster but only been fishing with double hander for 1 season. its 13' but id like something smaller and lighter . the rivers I fish are smallish spate rivers like agivey, fane, Finn but I also fish the Bann a lot and other medium sized rivers. What would you recommend from your experience of both rods? sorry for going on a bit, thanks a lot for your help.

  2. Thanks for the reply, firstly can I just say that Im selling the Echo so if you are interested in it let me know! I have it listed in the sales section of salmon fishing forum also. My reason for selling it is simply because I prefer the 7/8 Lpxe. I just love Guideline stuff, I cannot fault the Echo 3, its a perfect rod for what you are looking for, as is the Lpxe. The Echo is a bit more forgiving and easier to get on with and has a fantastic action, I got on with the rod straight away and it is very enjoyable to use. I like the Lpxe for its extendable butt because alot of rivers I fish the lower handle is not needed so I can tidy it away.
    Heres my e-mail - Send me a mail and I can discuss the rods in more detail and also what you want to get out of them, what lines you want to use, etc.