Tuesday, 2 April 2013

River development

Finally all the stars aligned and I got into a pool on the Fane at Knockbridge to clear away two Sally trees which were firmly lodged in the river and upsetting the flow of the pool. The river actually diverted completely from its original path and cut into the bank opposite the downed trees. Makes for a wide pool and a great throw now. The back of the run is very very deep and holds fish throughout the year when they are running. Sally trees are a type of willow tree, they are tolerable when they are along the bank as they do create lies and different current with their roots but when the land in the water its torture as they grow into the river bed and really break up currents and cause major obstacles. Delighted to get these two out as they have been residents for 10-15years!

A few before and afters.

Current has been decreased as it is not channelled anymore.


And the Beast that did the damage, great to see it throw the trunks around like twigs! Just a bit more clearing up of the smaller stuff that is left behind, really looking forward to fishing it more later in the year, its also a great seatrout pool in low water and salmon do push up this far given good tides and just a small rise in water. It is a deep holding pool.

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