Sunday, 14 April 2013

Guideline Scandi Shooting heads

I got sent some early prototype GL Scandi lines which were planned or designed to be used on smaller double handed rods and Switch rods, but since they were too similar to the already launched Compact heads the idea was scrapped. I just had to cut them up to the right length and weight. They are around 33 feet and 24 grams for my Lpxe Switch 7/8. I used Roman Moser trout loops for the loop connections, they are really light and hardly scrape through the rings at all. Finished them with some thread whipping and Aquasure.

 I gave them a cast this morning and they are as good as I expected, I have a Float/hover/inty and an Intermediate/Sink 1/Sink 2. The Sink1/Sink2 really is a super sink line and really got down quickly, I think this is going to be a common theme with these heads and the Hover/Inty got into that mid range fishing zone very quickly too.

The heads are quite easy to bring to the surface and a roll cast had them ready to go again, even the light switch could get them to the surface so I was happy with that one, sink lines can be difficult to manage on lighter rods but I could see myself getting very used to bringing these lines to the surface quickly and without much fuss.

I used a Guideline Tapered Shooting line for these heads and I have the 25lb, 0.28"/0.70mm. It has a lovely small loop and the light line really suits the switch, with the Roman Moser loops and the small TSL loop I found ring scrape to be at a minimum which made a nice change!

The TSL is nice and thin and did not retain much memory from being on the reel so tangles were a minimum and it shot through the rings. It is 30m long and takes up hardly any space on the reel so good for switch rods with smaller reels or even shooting heads for single handers. Hoping to get my hands on a Compact head, a DH 27gram to see how it casts on the Lpxe. Most of my lines are in and around 25grams but I have cast a 28 gram Rio steelhead scandi. The Rio head needed very little effort to get it out there but I still was mindful that I had a heavy shooting head on the rod. Sink lines around the 27 gram mark may get quite awkward and heavy for the switch but I will see how it goes!

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