Sunday, 4 May 2014

Finn from on high.

I have been to the Northwest of the country recently anticipating some water in the River Finn. So I was left wanting in that respect but still made the most of the trip with some hiking up Allt na PĂ©iste which roughly translates from Irish as the 'ravine of the serpent/monster' which could well be a reference to the River Finn which meanders at the foot of the hill.
  Here are some snaps of my wanderings.

                      Robert and Louis also anticipating water ;)

 The Birthing grounds of the River Reelin and Upper Finn which meet to form the River Finn.

A gorge that feeds the Reelin
                                          The Ivy Bridge


                          Chapel steps and Footbridge

The Graveyard

The Glebe

              The grilse stream leading into the Corner pool and Martins

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