Sunday, 15 December 2013


Anything concerned with salmon fishing lately is all related to their "ahem" reproductive cycle. I have been out on a few scouts with Petsie and John and we were really surprised at how early the redds were appearing. Were they just going through the motions in anticipation or had the deed been done? It looks like a lot of activity happened in mid to late November on the Rivers Dee and Glyde as a huge amount of redds were present.

I didn't get any shots of the actual redds, I need to get a polaroid filter for my new lens, its a Nikon 18-200mm and will be my "do all" lens. Looking forward to using it in the new season and I think it is going to be a good addition when I'm outdoors or on the river. Its focal range is very handy and from looking at last years photos its all I am going to need.

Our local hatchery has started to strip fish of their eggs, I was on hand to take a few snaps. Room was very dark and found it difficult to get nice shots, need a lens for that now and all!

Only starting into the Vice lately. Here are some of my recent flies.

 Curry's red Shrimp
 Red Butt
 Green park Variant
Another park Variant. I'm using the drainer discs from future fly, really like them actually, they fit nice and snug. After watching some recent Henrik Mortensen DVD,s I took some inspiration to tie flies which blend into the background in which you are fishing. The fly should blend in with its environment (to a certain extent) and then appear in front of the fish quickly where it will trigger its instinct and attack it (in theory). Its something I have heard Goran Andersson speak of also who I believe has a great influence on Henrik's outlook. Anyway I like the sound of it and its something I am going to employ for next season.

Picked up some Partridge Patriots but have yet to try them out, they are a far more robust design in my eyes but don't have the finesse of the previous Salars which some traditional tiers might disprove of.

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  1. Beautiful flies and photos!, I like a lot the red butt. I had a chance in the Sella river in Spain in late season. Tight lines