Sunday, 15 December 2013

Am Angling

I am pleased to announce that I am now a Sales Rep with AM Angling. AM Angling has been set up since March 2013 and has reached some great heights in its first year of business, most noticeably in its sales of the Zpey brand and their acclaimed rods.
   AM Angling has some big brands coming in for the new year so watch this space. If you are a switch rod enthusiast then I guarantee you will not be disappointed in what this shop has to offer. For anglers in Ireland and across the UK the idea of switch rod fishing is taking hold so I hope you pick up a switch rod and give it a go. Myself and Mike are more than happy to have customers trial rod and line combinations before buying and this is part of the ethos at AM Angling.
Check out the store where you can also avail of the latest fly tying products

And if you have any questions, interest in switch rod fishing or AM Angling than get in touch with me

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