Monday, 29 July 2013

Finn - June 22nd

I jumped at the chance to fish with the LXi so headed for the Finn first chance I got, water was clearing but around 3ft so I drove for the Reelin as I love to get fishing on it.

First pool was quiet and as I made my way downriver I though my luck was down. I then came to the garden pool and it just looked in superb order. Second cast in this fish leaped from the water, fly in tow!

A well Coloured fish but around the 10 pound mark. Made my way downstream as did the rain clouds and it was not long before the river was unfishable again.
 I had plans to fish the next day and I was up for sunrise but there was no drop in height due to steady rain. Drove up and down the river fishing here and there but only managed to lose a fish that took directly below me or on the dangle, a common occurrence when fishing in high water as the fish can sit in slacker water near the banks.
Josie's Bridge
Tube of choice
So with still rising water and waning confidence I called it a day late morning. Ferocious river when its in flood and a sight to behold. 

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