Monday, 29 July 2013

Casting the Guideline LXi Switch

Guideline LXi Switch Spey casting. from Liam Woods on Vimeo.

Made this Video a while back even before we got our drought conditions and you can really see the low height of the river where I normally cast. The LXi switch is a rod that is very easy to pick up and get on with. I am using a DDC shooting head cut to 21grams and a TSL running line. My casting stroke has changed a lot and continues to change and I now favour the lighter heads. Good breeze this day so you can see the benefit of a V loop into the wind. The LXi has a blank with a fast recovery that flexes further down the blank. I really did find that I needed less effort to achieve the same distance and also I did not need to really accentuate the forward stroke for distance. The finish and cork is of a high standard, a rod that offers a lot for its price tag.

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