Thursday, 21 February 2013

Simms G4Z 2013 Model review

I requested a smaller size for my Simms G4Z's which I ordered before Christmas. Ended up getting the new 2013 G4Z's for a very reasonable price from Reelflyrod. Free shipping from those guys too aswell as great customer service so I would highly recommend them. Here is a quick review and as they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so here a small novel then!

             Simms G4Z 2013 breathable neoprene sock waders.

Not much to complain about with these really, I mean where can you go wrong with them? I have not even used a pair yet so maybe I am building it up too much but looking forward to the season ahead. I have had the old G4Z's and the current 2013 model so I can go through the differences. Firstly the 5-layer section around the legs feels lighter in comparison to the older model. Simms do say the 2013's have something like 25% more breath-ability  I just hope they have not cut back too much as I really wanted something robust which would stand up to some punishment. We'll see how it goes anyway.

The new belt is a bit lighter and thinner in thickness and material but still looks up to the job. Maybe the older belt was cumbersome for attaching equipment etc?

The loops for the belt are lighter also and fixed in position compared to the velcro holders from the older model.

Two retractors on the newer model and the pockets are slightly larger, the zip is also extended down a bit more so its easier to, you know, strain the spuds, etc.

Belt loop at the back of the waders. Not the strongest looking bit of design though but I suppose it has not got too much to do?

Shoulder straps are well padded and have the same system as the older G4Z's.

Shoulder strap buckles join up and keep out of the way when not connected to front buckles. Useful in some ways I suppose.

Neoprene socks are, well they are orange on the bottom? Nice and thick with good long gravel guards which give a great seal around your wading boot protecting those all important orange socks!!!

Overall these waders feel slightly lighter and not just as robust as the older model. In some ways that is not what I am looking for from these waders but I have not field tested them yet so they may end up being just as hardy.

I hope the brief review and photos are of some use to anyone thinking of the new G4Z's. Did I mention the really cool Simms box they came in? I really like the new military Simms look! One more note, I would have liked some included bag, pouch for storing the waders, for the best brand out there at the highest price range I think something like this for protecting your waders should come as standard.

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