Friday, 8 February 2013

Galway protest 2/3/13

I just wanted to  bring attention to the protest taking place on the 2nd of March in Eyre square, Galway City at 12 noon. The protest is against the proposed building of fish farms that will cover 456 hectares over 2 sites in Galway Bay. Given the previous and current impact of these farms on marine species I think it is up to everyone who has a concern with Ireland's wildlife to make themselves seen and heard at the demonstration. Although I am on the east coast of the country I feel these farms could have an effect on our migratory fish and it is a chance I am not willing to take. I would urge anyone with an interest in our Irish environment and native species to attend the meeting and show the powers that be that the proposal is unacceptable and that it will impact tourism and fish stocks in and around our Island.

Also here is a picture of my latest flies, a softhackle Cascade, Park shrimp, Calvin shrimp, Kinermony Killer and a Frances Fly tied with brown fox and hen hackle.


  1. hi switchboy just wondering do you sell flies,im in meath

    1. Hello Martin, I don't tie commercially but I have a good friend who does. His name is Ronan Greene also in Co. Louth. Here is his facebook page. Ronan will tie to order, hope that helps and hope the 2014 season is good for you ;)