Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Some rain

We got a pretty constant downpour of rain from Sunday night 23/9 through till tuesday morning 25/9.
It was heavy at times and I recorded around 25mm since Sunday. I've just been down to Knockbridge to take a photo of our height so here it is.

It is at around 1.5 so we'll see how it goes and if it rises any more. Few reports of fish being caught today, plenty of anglers out around the Fane valley bridge. Water is quite clean upriver but may still be on the rise. It looks dirtier downriver but there have been reports of a drain emptying silt into the river recently.

Tied up a few flies in anticipation. My now favourite Park and Calvin shrimp and the old reliable Cascade.


  1. What tube system do you use? Your flies always look awesome.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding Scott. I use Guidelines FITS. (Frodin improved tubing system). It may be on the more expensive side of tubing systems out there but I think it is superior. Thanks for the comment. Im not used to getting them yet!