Friday, 21 September 2012

Latest addition

 Received my Lpxe #7/8 switch rod this week. I bought it second hand on Salmon Fishing Forum.
 I was really surprised when I compared it to my old 11ft #8/9 Lpxe. It is far quicker and stronger and the butt section of the rod is some what thicker. This could be because of the 4 piece factor, but it really feels a sturdy rod.

 Guideline recommend a 17-19gram head on their website but then I looked at the Rio updated 2012 line to rod specifications and it gives it a 435-480 grain head weight. Thats a similar rating to my Echo 3, I thought the lpxe switch would be a lighter rod for grisle and low water but its not looking that way. I know that guideline rate their rods for single hand and overhead use but then on their website they recommend to stick to the gram rating for spey casting too and only go heavier for skagit type casts. I do like the quicker casting stroke and Im practicing my casting with that in mind. So Im going to have to get out for some casting with both rods and see if I can churn up some answers. The Echo 3 could be up for sale by the looks of things though. The two rods are too similar.

On the fishing front, we have no water on the east coast these past few weeks. Things have quietened down and the fish are spooky and it is difficult to entice a take. I've had a few follows and fish turning away from the fly but I have not hooked anything. I dont mind getting out as I never bother with low water fishing so Im trying out new techniques and getting more confident in them.

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