Thursday, 9 August 2012

Trip to the Mourne

Liskey, hell of a throw! I was struggling with the 12ft 6, Ronan had his 14ft Lpxe with a Rio afs floating head on. The business!

Selling the 12ft6 need something for the really big rivers, the echo does nearly as good a job as the Lpxe. Im thinking of a Guideline exceed 13'7 9/10 instead.
Below the railway bridge, lost a fish in the slacker water to the right of the main current.
Above the railway bridge
Ronan at the Grevenue, bit of a tangle there Ronnie.
Success with the Switch line and Echo rod, I stuck to the smaller streamier water as I couldnt cover alot of the wider stretches. Float tip with a 6ft inty poly and a conehead calvin tube to swim.
Where did I put that rod again?

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