Monday, 27 August 2012

Fly away

A good fish from Knockbridge, around the 10-12lb mark easily. Took the Parkie and made a good account of itself. The hook was caught in a small tag of skin but held despite a good scrap. Im using Lagartun single tube hooks. I have not lost a fish on them yet and that is in stark contrast to previous seasons. "Touches wood".

Took a while to get back but powered off.

Water is still holding, photo taken last thursday but height is similar today.

A small fresh fish from upriver, took a small cascade conehead. I hauled it in and it swam away no problems. Really reminded me of a Finn grilse.


  1. Hi,
    Just came across your blog, really enjoyed it.
    Ive just picked up a switch rod for next season.
    My local river is the Clyde in Scotland and look forward to giving it a try out, was wondering about the lagartun tube singles you've been using, they look the business, i've tried googling them but cant find them, could you tell me where I could buy them please? also what size you would reccomend. Many thanks. Alan.

    1. Hey there Alan,
      Here is the link for the Lagartan Hooks, they are available from Lakeland Fly Tying,
      I think they just come in one standard size for their "micro tube" system. They arent that small though in my mind for micro tubes but are great for the smaller tubes. I use size 10-12 carp hooks for the really small tubes. Hope you get a bit of craic from your switch fishing next season, Kind regards, Liam.

    2. Thanks for the info Liam,
      Look forward to giving the switch set up a bash next season.
      Fancy giving the singles a go, I've lost my fair share of fish on trebles so worth a shot, fairer on the fish as well being mostly catch and release.
      Look forward to your future blogs.