Saturday, 30 July 2016

Te Anau

We made our way back to Te Anau and waited for another good window in the weather. In the mean time we took in the hills surrounding Te Anau with a Horse trek.

A small river that feeds into Lake Te Anau.

It had some lively trout in it, beautiful markings on this one.

Cheese ;)

Getting behind the wheel (very briefly) on a Lake ferry.

 A boat plane on Te Anau lake.

Moody sky over the township

A stunning back country river.

Mesmerising water quality.

Into a fish that knew exactly where to go when hooked, straight into the underwater log snag and then off.

An inquisitive bush robin.

Our camp site.

Have to find out what this fella is actually called, also inquisitive.

Good fish this, please don't go into that maze of rocks!

The best fish of the trip, it was tricky and a very testing river, mainly due to the unbelievable water clarity. The fly line landing on the water would create the usual slight ripple but this ripple turned into a stark reverberating shadow moving across the pool with the bright sun. A major trout spooker!

Celebrating St. Patrick's day in the backcountry. Cheers!

The next mornings sky.

The weather broke the next day, misty and moody. 

Paradise found?

We were invited to stay with some local Kiwi's who were hunting on the same river. We were only delighted to get a place to rest our heads in a house and not a van. They have a pretty enviable view over Te Anau and the surrounding hills. Such a generous couple and Kiwi hospitality at its very best.

The Fiordland area reminded us of being back home, mainly because of the cold ;) but also the people of the area and its character. But we can't settle anywhere yet, still the West coast to see. onwards!

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