Saturday, 19 April 2014

In the Loop!

If someone had to said to me upon setting up my blog that I would be a Loop Pro Team member in 2 years time I would have said, "What???............ Who are Loop? ;)    Honestly still cant believe my luck and its like I have landed the fish of a lifetime!
    I am going to be Loops representative for all things Switch rod. After getting my hands on the Cross Switch I was happily affirmed that I could fish and use a rod of its quality with the upmost confidence. It was a worry of mine whether I would get along with the Cross as I had tried it previously and found its action to be quite unique, I found it had this hidden and deceptive power in the blank that was so unexpected as the rod is so light. So I always felt puzzled after using it! So when I put a few of my favourite lines through the Cross Switch rings I felt fully assured as to the rods capabilities.
   And so I look forward to the coming months and years as a Loop Pro Team member. There are some really very exciting developments happening with Loop and the company and brand really is re-inventing itself. All I can say is watch this space and you will find Loop have a whole armada of products in development for the coming months and years ahead.
   A massive thank you to all at Loop who put their trust and faith in me.

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