Sunday, 20 October 2013

Round up

The last few weeks of the season were full of disappointment, lows and pure stubborn persistence! Here is a pictorial round up of how my closing season went.
Low water brought shrimp rods out, not for me though mind, stuck to the camera

Caught in the act!
The low rivers did make river work a bit easier

Some of Ronan's Spey Hackle flies

Frances, just look balanced on trebles. Still rather fish singles for the fishes sake though.
A cast at Knockbridge

A late one, 19/10/13, Owenkillew on a park shrimp tied on Alec Jackson #9. Boy was I glad to land this fish. The Fane proved incredibly frustrating with me fishing 4 days in a row without a single solitary pull from a fish. Most fish on the Fane were taken on worm and shrimp but a few on the fly, just wasn't meant to be for me! Personally I feel the Fane has poor runs of fish and needs catch and release implemented to replenish stocks. Also an increase in spawning stretches and river enhancement is a must, this river has superb potential in comparison to the acceptable levels of fish which are currently running, its not enough to settle, the rivers true capacity must be realised. Over and out for another season!

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