Saturday, 15 December 2012


Myself and Ronan went for some casting practice. Ronan is using his 14ft Lpxe with Rio 9/10 AFS head and Rio running line. Nippy but a beautiful evening. I stuck to my single hand stuff and Im trying to get my double haul in order, aswell as just gaining more proficiency with the single hander. I was using my Lpxe 10ft #8 with a Rio windcutter #8. Really nice setup and makes a change from the spey stuff. Still have alot of bits to iron out but its very enjoyable, think Ronan was fairly keen on the setup!

Heres another Arachnid I've tied up, its a variant of the thunder spey which is a beautiful fly.

xs tubing, blue
copper holo tinsel
silver ice dub
xs silver tungsten cone
Blue grizzled FF soft hackle
Orange dyed Guinea fowl
Jungle cock (Its now officially finished, no more on the cape!)
xs silver turbo disc.

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