Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Best to date

Decided it was about time to really give the Fane a proper throw and fish down through my favourite beats methodically. Started at 7am this morning and fished down through Knockbridge with no luck.

I then moved up to the Carrick road bridge and fished down towards Knockbridge. Water is absolutely perfect and very clear, really enjoyable. Came to the last pool before heading off and after 6 hours fishing my jaw dropped when I was dabbling a francis fly and a fish came out of the depths and turned on the fly. Never experienced a take like it, I saw everything, after the flash of the flank he powered back into the dark and I let him really take the fly beore lifting into it.

What ensued was a bit of frantic chaos as I had no net and it was my biggest fish to date. Rod was struggling with the current and power of the fish and as he tore up river the rod bent behind a tree and snapped with the fish still pulsing upriver. Didnt think too much about it till later but I've got a replacement part before from guideline so fingers crossed it will work out. After alot of struggling and running up and down the bank I tailed the fish.

Photos arent the best, was rushing a bit as I didnt want it out of the water too long, was a long fight before I tailed him. In all my haste I never measured him but just threw the rod beside as a rough measure. Took a while to get back but powered off into the deep. Im not sure of its weight and I will be more methodical in future but just from the fight, weight on the rod and weight and girth in my hands it is definetly my best to date.

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